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Now you have a single platform to host all digital events, from advanced webinars to multi-day conferences to always-on destinations, with one registration system, one user interface and one analytics engine. All for one price and unlimited use!

Live, Online Event Platform

It can be challenging to find an online event platform for your company that delivers all of the features that you need without the need for expert technical knowledge.

Engagez was launched to give companies like yours a versatile, cloud-based online platform that makes it easy to engage with your audience in a digital environment. Elevate your digital content, marketing events, product launches, and conferences with the only online event software you’ll ever need. Engagez preserves your investment in webcasting tools by directly integrating with the most popular such solutions, as well as offering its own, while providing a rich environment to create and manage multi-session and multi-day events, with rich interaction capabilities, live chat, email marketing, notifications, Twitter board, polling, customizable forms, Q&A capabilities, gamification and social media integration. The Engagez’ analytics is the jewel of the offering which allows you to make sense of the attendee behavior and integrate the collected data with your CRM and other systems to help prioritize nurturing and follow up strategies.

A New Kind of Online Event Platform

At Engagez, we understand that you need an online event platform that can grow and change with your company. Using only one user interface and one analytics engine, our online event platform gives you the power of control without the complexity that comes with other online platforms. Your company, organization, or department can build your own branded online venue and manage your digital engagement without commitment or additional cost.

Some customers use Engagez as a self-service offering while many hire our services team for white-glove and turnkey experience. Our services professionals can help develop your digital content, and assist with all phases of event planning and implementation.

What’s more, the Engagez support team is on call to demonstrate or explain our software’s many features. We understand that you need your virtual event to impress from start to finish. Our user-friendly system will let you concentrate on planning the perfect event.

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A Better User Experience for Virtual Events

Engagez provides its users with a variety of features for optimal functionality. Setup your event using conventional (2.5D imagery) or modern website design. Configure your event on the desktop, and Engagez will optimize it for mobiles and tablets. With built-in translation tools, your online events become immediately accessible. Additionally, our online event solution is one of the only platforms of its kind to offer simu-live webinars: upload a pre-recorded video and schedule it as a live broadcast. This enables businesses to present a webinar at any given date with the same features as a live online event.

Finally, Engagez gives you the tools you need to interact with your audience in real time, as well as the data you need to measure event success. With Engagez, your company will have the ability to host webinars, multi-day conferences, digital events, and online sessions through one online platform — all for one price.

Interested in hearing more? Contact the Engagez team today. We’d love to hear from you.

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One Solution For All Your Online Event Needs

One Solution,
Many Uses

We provide you the advantage of allowing your team to run all of their programs using one system, saving time relearning.

Locations and Panels

Create your venue, configure it with desired locations (rooms) and embeddable panels, pre-defined with rich functionality.


Monitor big picture and detailed use across the venue.  Use activity based lead scoring.  Integrate with your CRM.  Google Analytics is also available.

Everywhere: Mobile, Tablet, Desktop

We use the latest technology and work at scale seamlessly across all devices.  We optimize the user interface based on attendee device.


Enterprise level security is in place and updated constantly. We also have the flexibility to provide lower levels of security and greater access if need be.


Many engagement options including integration with social media.  Program owners decide how much and what type of engagement to turn on.

Access Control

Control who can see what content, gain access to what locations and who they can see or communicate with and much more.

Highly Configurable

The venue can be configured in over 72 ways to meet your program’s unique needs. There are numerous customization options available.

Options Built With You In Mind

While Engagez does offer a lot of power and options under the hood, all of them are practical and user-friendly. Because our Online Event Platform was built with the user in mind, working with it will provide a pleasant experience and make you feel in control. We also don’t just give you this power without guidance – Engagez includes a support team to not only explain the features but to also demonstrate how they work.

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Engage Everywhere

The Power To Build Unique Layouts

Engagez doesn’t confine you to the premade templates you’ll see in the demo, they are simply examples of what’s possible. Engagez provides you the tools necessary to create your very own layouts or use the default setup to supercharge your building process!

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See How Our Customers are Using Engagez for Their Communications Initiatives.

Venue Locations

Entrance – Lobby – Conference Center – Resource Center – Exhibit Halls – Networking Lounge – Forums – Private Offices – Collaboration Rooms – Webinar Studio & more

Communication & Engagement

Chat – Email – Notifications – Forums – Social Wall – Twitter Board – Appointment Setting – Polling – Surveys – Live Q&A – Offline Q&A – Gamification

Access Control & Security

Roles Based Access Control – Domain Based Access Control – Location Based Access Restriction – Content Control – Multiple Security Levels


Content Sharing – One-on-One Private Meetings – Appointment Setting – Web Casting – Document Sharing – Task management

Registration & Messaging

Customizable Forms – Payment Processing – Email Notifications & Reminders – Calendaring – 3rd Party Registration Solution Integration – Single Sign On – LinkedIn and Facebook Sign In


My Calendar – LinkedIn Profile Import – Linkedin Contact Lookup – Private Download Holder – System Inbox – Personal Chat – Personal Messaging


Paid Content – Paid Access – Exhibits – Sponsorship Packages – Lead Generation – Content Marketing – Sponsored Webinars – Courses – Certifications

Native and Integrated Webcasting Solutions

Live Streaming – Simulive – WebEx – GoToMeeting – GoToWebinar – Adobe Connect – Click Meeting – Zoom – Livestream – Ustream – Vimeo – YouTube and more