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Collaborate on Uploading Assets in the Media Library

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Media Library

The efficiency of setting up online events is critical, especially as events get larger.   Uploading the event assets, whether on-demand videos, resource files or speakers’ photos can take time, especially as contents get changed last minute by exhibitors and presenters.  Having a centralized library for these assets where all admins have visibility on uploaded assets and can re-use them would provide a major productivity gain. Furthermore, organizations use different storage solutions, e.g. Google Drive or DropBox, as their central repository where they collect the event assets before uploading them into the venue.  Ability to connect into these repositories, and directly upload the assets, instead of copying them first to a local machine, would be a huge time and sanity saver!

To address these needs, we have enabled each venue with its own Media Library, a central repository for all uploaded images, videos and files within that venue.  Admins can now collaborate on uploading assets and reusing them when needed.  Furthermore, the storage has been moved to Amazon S3 for fastest attendee run-time experience.  The Media Library can directly be accessed through the Administer menu, or within the appropriate editors.  Each item in the library is assigned a permanent URL.  This gives admin further flexibility in using the asset anywhere via simply using its URL.

Click on the Upload button and access your assets locally, using links, or from Google Drive, Dropbox and Box.  You can upload up to 5 assets at once, and can edit images within the editor before uploading to the venue.

We want to hear from you.  Let us know what you think of these changes and other features you’d like to see in the offering.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Engagez Team

Engagez Now Offers Simulive Broadcast Feature

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Simulive sessions or activities are pre-recorded for broadcast over the Internet at a specific date and time, but are not usually publicized as being pre-recorded. This is like what many “live” TV shows do to present a live looking program but have the ability to do some editing and better manage what viewers see on the program when broadcast so they aren’t seeing behind the scenes activities like audience load in and load out, changes and set up of cameras etc.

For conferences and webinars, simulive allows for the same kind of benefits and when the program is then streamed, the producer can engage in live Q&A. Using the simulive format also allows you to schedule speakers and guests that you might not be able to get at the specific date and time your event is held. It’s also helpful for speakers that will need their presentation reviewed and perhaps edited by their organization before it can be shown.

Many producers combine actual live stream programs with simulive to help keep the cost and technical complexity of an event to a manageable level. The program still has sessions starting and ending on a schedule, just like the live stream, and it functions just like a live session in that an attendee who arrives 10 minutes late will join the session 10 minutes into the presentation and not at the beginning (which would be on demand).

Doing a simulive program on your own can be complex to manage from a technical standpoint and usually requires someone actually starting and stopping the program at a certain time and watching over the process. Engagez makes it simple and allows you to set it and forget it. No one needs to start and stop stream or babysit them.