Comprehensive Features for All Your Event Needs

One Solution,
Many Uses

We provide you the advantage of allowing your team to run all of their programs using one system saving time relearning.

Locations and Panels

Turn on and off different  locations (rooms), each with its own rich functionality.  Further customize by adding embeddable panels.


We offer detailed tracking of use across the venue. Google Analytics is also available for any additional requirements.

Everywhere: Mobile, Tablet, Desktop

We use the latest technology and work at scale seamlessly across all devices.  We optimize the user interface based on attendee device.


Enterprise level security is in place and updated constantly. We also have the flexibility to provide lower levels of security and greater access if need be.


Many engagement options including integration with social media.  Program owners decide how much and what type of engagement to turn on.

Access Control

Control who can see what content, gain access to what locations and who they can see or communicate with and much more.

Highly Configurable

The venue can be configured in over 72 ways to meet your program’s unique needs. There are numerous customization options available.

One Solution For All Your Online Event Needs

Venue Locations

Entrance – Lobby – Conference Center – Resource Center – Exhibit Halls – Networking Lounge – Forums – Private Offices – Collaboration Rooms – Webinar Studio & more

Communication & Engagement

Chat – Email – Notifications – Forums – Social Wall – Twitter Board – Appointment Setting – Polling – Surveys – Live Q&A – Offline Q&A – Gamification

Access Control & Security

Roles Based Access Control – Domain Based Access Control – Location Based Access Restriction – Content Control – Multiple Security Levels


Content Sharing – One-on-One Private Meetings – Appointment Setting – Web Casting – Document Sharing – Task management

Registration & Messaging

Customizable Forms – Payment Processing – Email Notifications & Reminders – Calendaring – 3rd Party Registration Solution Integration – Single Sign On – LinkedIn and Facebook Sign In


My Calendar – LinkedIn Profile Import – Linkedin Contact Lookup – Private Download Holder – System Inbox – Personal Chat – Personal Messaging


Paid Content – Paid Access – Exhibits – Sponsorship Packages – Lead Generation – Content Marketing – Sponsored Webinars – Courses – Certifications

Native and Integrated Webcasting Solutions

Live Streaming – Simulive – WebEx – GoToMeeting – GoToWebinar – Adobe Connect – Click Meeting – Zoom – Livestream – Ustream – Vimeo – YouTube and more