Our Vision For What We Do Transfers Into Our Services

We work every day to help make our clients more successful whether that’s by helping them run an event, launch a product, engage customers, train customers and much more. We insure performance in a cost-effective manner using the latest in technology and best practices.

We set out to build a single platform that could handle all of your meeting, event and learning programs so your team can become pros at building and deploying engaging digital experiences.

Our History

Robert Petrossian launched the predecessor to Engagez with a platform called InfoNeedle back in 2008. That experience led to the realization that there was a huge need for a modern, cloud-based perpetual online engagement venue that any department in an organization could utilize without having to become a technology expert. The goal is to make engagement easy!

Sales and marketing use Engagez to accelerate sales by transforming webinars, events and digital content delivery into engaging venues for buyers. Event organizers use Engagez to host their virtual-only or hybrid events (the combination of in person and online attendees) extending audience reach, increasing revenue and reducing costs.

Our Achievements

As a global platform, Engagez offers services in most languages. We have proven solutions for dealing with attendees in multiple time zones participating in the same event.

We are one of the only platforms that allow simulive event experiences right out of the box. Simulive is when you prerecord an event, session or webinar and then play it as if it were a live broadcast at a specific time and date will all the functionality of a live streamed broadcast.

One of the things we are most proud of is our unique business model which allows organizers to fully engage with the Engagez platform and build out their online environment and program with no cost or commitment. Clients and prospects say that is a tremendous advantage and benefit.

Engagez has been a valued partner in helping enable MCA to create new platforms for dialogue between our clients and key influencers in the semiconductor and related markets. With their help, our BrightSpots online technology forums have far exceeded our expectations.

David Moreno, Vice PresidentMCA Public Relations

The Denodo Fast Data Strategies Summit and product launch event for Denodo 6.0 were done virtually on the Engagez platform and we experienced excellent results. The process and functionality were clear and the build-out of the environment was very straightforward and logical.

Lisa Snyders, Marketing ManagerDenodo

Engagez has a really strong business model great for people who are running a lot of programs or frankly, just one. We plan to do a lot more business with them.

Tom Donoghue, CEO & PublisherEnterprise Integration News


Engagez leadership brings deep experience in marketing, corporate communications and training & education to enhance technology solutions with webcasting, virtual events and web-based enterprise video communications.

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