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An Inclusive Solution to your Business Needs – Live Webcasting & Webinars

The expectations of consumers and the growing needs of e-commerce are never-ending. Thus, all you need to do is, go live with your target audience.

The advancing nature of technology has exceptionally transformed the consumption patterns of the world, i.e., growing trends of e-commerce. Not surprisingly the Internet is regarded as the most preferred mode of consumption. Your customers/clients and your employees/partners, all expect real-time participation in your business practices. In this regard, Cisco has reported that IP traffic will annually increase by 24 percent from 2016-to 2021. So, the expectations of consumers and the growing needs of e-commerce are never-ending. Thus, all you need to do is, go live with your target audience.

Why live webcasting or live video streaming?

Cisco has also reported a 15-fold increase in the trends of live Internet video access among users from 2016 to 2021. In addition, out of the entire Internet traffic, 71 percent of traffic will be dedicated to CDN (Content Delivery Network) only – i.e., 52 percent higher than in 2016. It’s clear, your business needs the interactive solution of live webcasting or webinars.

Live Webcasting or Webinars – Overall Business Scenario

The success of a business relies on the satisfaction of both its internal and external stakeholders, as both expect participation at all levels. Webcasting offers your businesses the ability to facilitate these expectations across multi-dimensions through:

  • Real-time Interactivity with your Audience – You have the best opportunity of ensuring real-time communication with your global workforce. You can webcast your press conferences, company meetings, or any other gatherings; your time is saved, and you establish an interactive and responsive business relationship with your partners and employees.
  • Time-saving and Cost-Effective Participation – Live interaction with your target audience surely eliminates the traveling time and cost, and other typical expenses of lodging and venues.
  • Consistency & widened Accessibility – Your message/information/content is consistent. In addition, the access to your webcast events or information is dramatically widened among the target audience.
  • Sense of belonging – Live interactions make your target audience feel involved in the process; thus, instilling the element of loyalty.

Live Webcasting or Webinars – Benefits to the Marketing Domain

At all levels, marketers are expected to optimally increase sales while generating leads for their business. Here, are the listed benefits of live webcasting to the objectives of marketing:

  • Relationship Building or Trust Building – Your customers (potential/current) have a chance to hear you. They experience direct interaction with your brand, which is not possible with any other marketing approach.
  • Scalability – Through webcasting, you interact with a huge number of audiences while delivering your brand value without requiring internal resources.
  • Increased Sales – Introducing your products/services to your customers (potential/current) in the real-time environment of webcasting directs their buying patterns. Your customers feel valued, which is fostered by the webcasting feature of Live Q&A/immediate feedback.
  • Increased Revenues – As per the rules of PPV (pay-per-view) in digital marketing, your business can generate revenues by webcasting your content.
  • Analytics of Customers’ Engagement – Once you webcast your event, you gain continuous access to real insights into your customers’ engagement. Accordingly, you can take prompt actions to make the communication setting more engaging and interactive. For this purpose, webcasting/webinars facilitate you with polls, chats, suggestions, and other participatory elements that call to action.

Thus, being a business leader, you need to create global interest. All your stakeholders (internal/external) expect flawless communication – why not go beyond their expectations?

You can generate brand value and establish a one-on-one connection with your audience through your webcast. Plus you certainly will benefit from the inclusive insights into your consumers in this customer-centric business world. However, an amateur webcast can hurt your brand value by making your firm seem unprofessional. It’s important to choose a reputable service provider for all your webcasting/webinar needs. If you have questions or concerns about the benefits or technicalities of webcasting, contact Engagez’s solution team.

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