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Anton Shulke

Anton Shulke is currently the Head of Influencer Marketing at Duda. He’s been called “The Livestream Guy,” and, as the nickname suggests, is a livestream production manager. Since 2015, he has worked on live events, webinars, and podcasts for leading companies in the SEO industry, such as Duda, Semrush, and Kalicube. He estimates that he’s organized about 700 webinars by now! Today, Anton spends his time focused on organizing digital engagement, content creation, and organization with leading influencers in the digital marketing field.

The Webinar is Dead, Long Live the Webinar

Thursday, September 22, 2022 1:50 PM EST

Webinars are boring. More than half of registrants don’t show up. And I hate to break it to your CRO – but just because someone registered for one, it does NOT mean they’re ready to get a call about setting up a demo from your SDR.  That said, short-format digital engagement has to be part of your marketing strategy.  

In this panel, our experts will talk about the successes they have had, best practices, new thinking, and a few surprises that will spur new thinking and delight starved Demand Gen teams!