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Top 5 Reasons Why Cybersecurity Companies Run More Digital Events Than Any Other Market Segment

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Why Cybersecurity Firms Are Going Digital with Their Events

It seems as though every day there is a major breach reported or hack that sends the world into a tailspin. As a Cybersecurity professional, you don’t have to be convinced of the reasons why this topic is top-of-mind for executives and boards around the world. Cyber threat panic has begun to set in across society, affecting anyone from businesses to consumers–and everyone has likely already been touched (or is afraid they will be) with varying degrees of inconvenience to total crisis.

1. Tremendous Need

The need for information has never been greater and the companies that can get out there faster with solutions will be the winners. Planning and executing a physical event vs an online event does not compare. Virtual events can be executed with three-week cycles now compared to 4 to 10 months for a physical event..

2. More People Need to be Reached

From the C-suite on down Cybersecurity purchasing touches many influencers and decision-makers across the IT department, governance, risk, as well as business units. The CISO title is often the primary decision maker along with the CEO and CIO.

Digital events and meetings allow your organization to scale your reach rapidly and globally. Also, different verticals have different needs and problems, you can produce multiple digital events leveraging one venue and customizing the content and participants to provide the most relevant and personalized experience.

3. Cybersecurity is a Continuum

Cybersecurity technology evaluation and purchasing is ongoing. And these technologies are creating greater vulnerability, whether it is IoT (which is exponentially increasing the number of connected devices) or 5G (where the network ecosystems are massively interconnected).

Digital events provide the opportunity to create “always available” environments where in between events, there is the ability for customers and prospects to access and share information, building a deeper relationship with the customer and reducing your reliance on ever increasing delivery challenges of email.

4. Faster Implementation

Hackers are using the latest technology to find better and faster ways to access organizations’ data. If the threat of damage to an organization’s business is not enough of an adoption driver, the government is stepping in to ensure organizations get moving faster with new legislation and increased penalties for lack of compliance.

Combining the notion of “always-on” venues and the speed with which an event can be launched can separate your company for your competitors and accelerate your ability to respond to opportunistic situations.

5. More Partners

Digital events and evergreen venues allow you to stay top of mind with your partners sharing content, strategies, launching products, and holding face-to-face private video meetings, maximizing all participants’ time and efficiency by eliminating travel time and expense of in-person events and meetings.