Engagez Access Groups – Usage Guide


You can now customize which Engagez sessions and resources an attendee can see and access using flexible access control mechanism.  This is a walk through on how to utilize this feature.

Manage Access Groups

Plan on how best to partition your attendees into different groups, to customize the sessions and resources accessible to each.  Try to come up with the least number of groups to ease maintenance over the life of the venue.

Once you have identified the groups, follow these steps:

  1. Under Administer menu, click on Features. Scroll down to the Miscellaneous section and make sure the “Manage Access Groups” is ON.  If not, turn it ON and save.
  2. Under Administer menu, click on Attendees. On top of the Attendees menu, click on Manage Access Groups.  This is where you create and manage your groups.
  3. Type in the name of your groups and click to Add.

    You can view the groups you add at the bottom of the popup, where you can delete, rename and assign automatic assignment rules.  To maintain the accuracy of the access group assignments and reduce the manual up keep, we provide two automatic assignment options per each group: a) Default: if a group has Default turned on, any new venue registrant is automatically assigned to this group.  You can have any number of groups set as Default, b) Auto Email Assignments: you might want to categorize your users based on their email domain name.As soon as a user is successfully registered, we match the domain of their email against any email domains listed for any group here, and if we find a match, that group is assigned to the user.  You can specify the same email domain as a filter for any number of groups.At times, you might need to clear existing access group assignments, define new access groups, and modify auto assignment rules.  The “Existing Attendees” button provides two options to facilitate these tasks: (a) Clear Access Groups: clears all access group settings from existing attendees, (b) Apply Auto Rules: applies the auto assignment rules to each existing attendee right away.Click Done to complete the Access Group setup.

Manage Attendees’ Access

Now that you have defined your access groups, let’s see how to manually manage attendee access groups.

The automatic rules will start working on all new registrants.  Meanwhile, you can maintain your attendees’ access groups from the Attendee page, as shown:

To view members of a specific group, use the Filter feature:

Manage Sessions’ Access

The management of Sessions’ access groups is from the Administer->Sessions page, under “Manage Access”.

Click on it to see a listing of all existing sessions with their current access limitations, if any:

To limit access, click to select the target sessions, and then click on the drop down to select the groups to grant access to.  Only attendees assigned to the groups you assign to a session can see and access that session.  A session with no assigned access group is accessible by all.

Manage Resources’ Access

  1. Open the menu in the top right corner of your Resources Panel and select “Manage Access”:
  2. Select the resources you’d like to limit access to and from the top drop down, select the groups that should have exclusive access to them:

Only attendees assigned to the groups you assign to a resource can see and access that session.  A resource with no assigned access groups is accessible by all.


  • Email Validation: If you are using auto email assignment rules to assign groups to attendees at registration time, we recommend you enable email validation option in the Administer Registration and Sign In section to ensure the emails entered are valid.
  • Testing: We recommend you create a few test attendee accounts. Assign each different access groups and sign in as each to confirm your expected behavior.

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