ez branding engagement production results

Take your webinars to WOW!

Showcase Your Brand Without Limits

Create immersive brand experiences to excite attendees and showcase your creativity. Edit layout options, icons, logo spots, and much more for your event needs.

Ease Presenters in Your Green Room

Ensure quality presentations by checking microphone, camera, and presentations in a dedicated green room for speakers and producers to feel comfortable and prepared for going on-stage live and having a great program.

Engage Audience Reactions in Real-Time

Instead of ignoring the program, audiences engage in real time with live reactions and chats for a richer, livelier livestream experience.

Breakout Rooms for Active Participation

Connect with audience members during your live program by opening breakout rooms for discussion or interactive activities to keep attendees actively engaged.

Powered by Next-Level Features

Keep your webinars powerful, engaging, and highly professional with meeting features designed for pros: high-quality noise cancelation for construction and dog barking, great 1080p recordings, and optimized video experiences based on participant bandwidth.