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EZ Meet: Engagez Personal Meeting Rooms

As part of the digital engagement campus one feature of the platform that we don’t get to talk about a whole lot is the personal meeting rooms.

As part of the digital engagement campus one feature of the platform that we don’t get to talk about a whole lot is the personal meeting rooms. I use mine a whole lot and I really enjoy the ability to personalize the experience of talking to me in a one-on-one or small group type of setting, the area in which we would normally use one of the web meeting services like Zoom, Google Meet, Go-to-Meeting, or five other platform Solutions that are no longer popular nowadays.

Of course, organizations that are Microsoft-committed subject everyone to using MS Teams, but we all know how much fun that is for people who are outside of your firewall meaning working with external parties in different organizations your mileage may vary as to how well teams will suit your needs and actually let you share things like cameras and video.

That said campus users tell us that a personal meeting room is a really nice thing to have.  there are several advantages to the easy meat personal meeting room that you can find on the engages digital engagement platform

  1. Consistent location –  the meeting is always at the same URL all the time no more fumbling around for the right link a personal meeting room means that you can have a space on the internet that’s always in the same location. anyone wanting to meet with me knows that I have a simple URL for every meeting that is always there. no more fumbling around for what this week’s link is or remembering who has which personal meeting link which is just generally a series of numbers that are nondescript. don’t get me started on remembering the passcode and that sort of thing
  2. No unintended ears –  With the rise of AI assistant Technologies, Things like and, there are some complications where I might have a small meeting and not know if the party on the other end is recording the whole thing. now as a side note for me personally you can record just about any meeting we’re in during the day during the week I find those transcription services to be super helpful so that I can pace around my office as I talk and not worry about taking notes.
  3. Personalization –  not only can you change the colors and the backgrounds but what buttons do you want people to have? do you want them to be able to record the session? to be able to take notes? Should everyone be rendered the same way on the screen? would you like to eliminate people’s ability to use funky virtual backgrounds?
  4. Branding –  every Zoom meeting looks exactly alike I don’t know whether I’m on with Coke or Pepsi so to speak and I could forget where I am in the middle of a meeting. with a personalized meeting room experience, I can change the colors, the background, and the overall look and feel –everything that makes my brand come through on the screen all the time clearly
  5. Security –  easy meat uses the same robust security features included across the engages platform which also enables single sign on and other identity and access management features. in addition, if I wanted to have my meeting room open 
  6. Clientless –  coming from a background in cyber security I can certainly appreciate the idea that anything can happen with simple browser permissions. while the client for a web meeting service allows that service to control more of your device cameras microphones Etc a web meeting platform that uses the features of the browser represents more robust security and de-necessitates the requirement for periodic upgrades that always seem to come at the worst possible time when I’m a minute late for a really important meeting and I’m forced to reload and maybe even restart my computer.

Overall as things progress and the post-pandemic work realities continue to reveal themselves there is a clear need for the next level of office-type experience and this extends directly into the personal meeting room. moreover, personal meeting rooms are included in the campus subscription and can be made available quickly and easily in any type of environment. The personal meeting room does not require additional licensing does not limit meeting time and can accommodate up to 50 speaking participants in any meeting. 

Talk to your Engagez representative to learn more about the easy meat personal meeting room.

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