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Forrester Wave Report–The 14 Event Tech Providers That Matter Most

In Forrester's 28-criterion evaluation of B2B event management technology providers, they identified the 14 most significant ones — 6Connex, Bizzabo, Cisco Systems, Cvent, Engagez, Hubilo, Kaltura, Notified,

Engagez is  proud to be one of the top 14 event management software platforms for 2023! So What’s a Wave Report?

The Forrester Wave Explained: A Guide for Technology Buyers

When considering purchasing options in a technology marketplace, buyers are often faced with a multitude of choices. How can they be sure they’re making the right decision? This is where The Forrester Wave comes in.

The Forrester Wave is a guide that provides an analysis and opinion on technology vendors in a specific market. The guide offers a transparent methodology to compare the players in a software, hardware, or services market, allowing clients to make well-informed purchasing decisions.

To ensure an equitable process for all participants, Forrester follows a publicly available methodology, which they apply consistently across all participating vendors. However, sometimes vendors decide not to participate in the formal evaluation process. In these instances, Forrester evaluates the vendor according to The Forrester Wave Vendor Participation Policy.

The Forrester Wave offers two major benefits to clients: detailed analysis of vendors’ products and services, based on transparent criteria, and an Excel spreadsheet that allows clients to easily compare products and develop custom shortlists according to their own requirements. Forrester evaluates products that are generally available no later than the time of the Wave questionnaire due date.

It’s important to note that in order to treat all vendors equally, a Forrester analyst will decline client engagement (e.g., inquiries, advisory, etc.) if the client is a vendor that the analyst is currently evaluating in a Wave, and if the engagement pertains to the same market.

The Forrester Wave is a valuable resource for technology buyers who want to make informed decisions when purchasing products or services in a specific market. The guide provides a transparent methodology for evaluating vendors and offers detailed analysis and an Excel spreadsheet to help clients compare products and develop custom shortlists.

Having said that, Engagez got dinged for some features and functionality that is included in the research but is not something we currently offer. These all apply to physical event logistics like venue sourcing, room block management and some other items unique to physical events and although we do support many features for hybrid (online and physical) we do not offer physical event planning tools.  

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