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How to build virtual event FOMO

We spoke with some of our marketing experts here at Engagez and compiled a list of creative ways to help you and your team organize a one-of-a-kind DIGITAL event that will keep everyone talking and engaging.

Putting together a one-of-a-kind event can be a no-brainer task for seasoned physical event planners when designing an in-person event, translating that energy and atmosphere can be a bit more challenging when you are serving the remote participants even for the best of the best event planners. We spoke with some of our marketing experts here at Engagez and compiled a list of creative ways to help you and your team organize a one-of-a-kind DIGITAL event that will keep everyone talking and engaging.



When establishing your marketing campaign, you want to utilize strategies that promote a sense of urgency so that your potential attendees do not miss out on anything associated with your event. To help create a ‘fear of missing out’ in your prospects, think about what you can highlight in your promotion of the event that answers the questions Why Should I Listen?, What’s In It For Me?, and Why Should I Register Now?.

Event Pages

Having a creative and attention-grabbing event landing page is a great way to highlight what to expect from your event.
  • What is the big ugly problem your event can help solve?
    It might be one or maybe three big problems that your target audience is struggling with and you need to put those pain points front and center in your messaging!
  • Who can you expect to see?
    A great way to spark interest and excitement is to feature any star speakers your audience can expect to see; perhaps you have experts in the industry or even a celebrity appearance.
  • What can you expect from the event?
    When contemplating registering for an event, prospects want to know WHAT exactly they will get out of attending. Highlighting session topics, exclusive content available to attendees, learning takeaways, and even featured exhibitors or sponsors can boost interest and excitement about the event.
  • Why should you attend?
    What sets your event apart from other events? Feature your unique content. Your topics could be amazing and you may even have top-notch speakers, but why should someone choose your event over another one that may be similar. A great way to help hype your event is by using testimonials from others who have attended in the past. Prospects even will look for key learning takeaways from the event. Further highlighting topics or session themes can help identify why anyone should attend your event.
  • When, Where, and How to attend?
    This may seem straightforward, but having clear and easy-to-spot logistics about your event can really make or break an event. If the registration process is not easy to navigate or even spot, attendees may have a bad first impression and not be able to enjoy the overall event experience.
Having an easy-to-navigate, eye-catching, and creative event landing page that highlights all that your event has to offer will really help spread the word and build energy in your audience of ‘YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS’.


One of the oldest incentive tactics we see event organizers use is tiered pricing. Encouraging your attendees to purchase tickets by certain dates for cheaper rates, group rates or special discounts can be an easy strategy in creating some urgency. But here are a few other ideas to augment that trusted tactic and drive people to REGISTER NOW!:

  • VIP Reception
  • Swag Kit From Sponsors
  • Bonus Access to Closed Meetings
  • Concierge Meeting Booking
  • Sweepstakes Inclusion
  • Early Access

Social Media

Designing a social media campaign that focuses on the exclusivity and heightened idea of ‘ACT NOW’ can do wonders in boosting your registration and overall event brand awareness.

Event Engagement

Engaging your audience for an in-person event sometimes just comes in naturally as attendees are able to mingle with each other, exhibitors, and speakers. With a virtual event, it is important to design a program that enhances engagement and really brings the energy that was highlighted in all your pre-event marketing.

Give Aways and Prizes

We all love a good freebie. This is actually a common thing event planners hear from audiences about going to a virtual event, they do not want to miss out on the freebies they get from exhibitors or sessions. Having giveaways to keep your attendees engaged is a fun way to keep that excitement in your attendees. This may even be a great way to encourage your exhibitors to build space in their event budgets for bigger more impactful prizes.


A great way virtual event organizers incorporate giveaways and prizes is by gamifying their events. Raffles, scavenger hunts, and other interactive competition opportunities will build attendee engagement and encourage them to explore all that your event has to offer. With virtual events and gamification, the sky is the limit!

Event Headliner or EmCee

Although big-name celebrities are costly, there are still creative ways to have a well-known name kickstart your event. You could explore a local celebrity or an industry expert that could be your event hype person and warm your audience up to an exciting day.


Make your event speakers the celebrities, highlighting their expertise, and session content can help rally excitement around your event.

VIP/Exclusive content

Setting up exclusive content for the first 100 registrants or VIP ticket holders such as a virtual happy hour, speaker meet and greet, or other entertainment opportunities will give your attendees something to look forward to and get excited about.


Consider finding a virtual lunch or breakfast sponsor and provide some sort of meal incentive for your attendees through a gift card or unique delivery code.

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