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How to Create Campus-Wide Engagement at Your School

Virtually engaging and interacting with students, administrators, and faculty and staff can be difficult, but it doesn’t need to be. With a Digital Campus, you can bring your entire university into one location and serve all of their needs.

The term digital campus is a broad one that leverages technology, people, and processes to deliver a seamlessly connected university. These few things make learning for students and employees engaging and safe. In its simplest form, a digital campus is a virtual reflection of your physical university and offers a space for all to come together and collaborate on educational initiatives and virtual learning requirements.

Universities leveraging digital campuses are now able to deliver learning in a hybrid classroom scenario as well as utilize their digital campus to host alumni reunions, graduation ceremonies, and student recruitment. Universities such as UCLA and UC Berkeley have created a digital campus plan where they can deliver all of the above and more.

A key benefit to using a digital campus is providing users the chance to move beyond stagnant virtual learning environments and build a community centered around shared experiences. There are many ways to create virtual shared experiences, but here are a few that digital campuses can employ:

Engagez Digital Campus

Student Communities & Clubs

Create a go-to destination to learn about all the clubs on campus or allow students to host a community event. One example is allowing graduate students to hold industry knowledge conferences where they can present their own research to their peers and to faculty and staff.

Virtual & Hybrid Events

Hybrid events have been useful for bringing together people around the globe and a perfect solution to hosting special speakers to talk to your audience. Both virtual and hybrid events help reduce overhead costs as well as travel and hotel costs that people would need to factor in.

Global Student Recruitment Events

A particularly effective use of the platform is for recruitment and orientation programs to get future students excited about the school even if travel is a challenge right now. It also easily opens your audience to a global scale, allowing prospective students from around the world to learn about your programs.

Career & Job Fairs

Virtual career fairs make it easier for potential employees to attend and easier for organizations to organize and produce, not to mention the cost savings. With the advances in one-on-one meeting technology and scheduling tools, partners and participants can schedule more meetings, share more resumes, and hold face-to-face video meetings. As a result, there are more engaging and relevant conversations taking place without geographical limitations creating much more powerful outcomes.

Digital Meetings/Networking, Instructor-led eLearning

Digital learning spaces feature programs where students and faculty can collaborate over the course of a semester, breaking into teams that are provided private meeting rooms, scheduled group sessions, presentations and resource sharing.

Digital Orientation & Ceremonies

These digital events became invaluable in recent years. Our clients are keeping them on books to solve challenges with inclusivity for various alumni reunions, fundraisers, graduations, club events, and community-based distance learning as well.

Creating a digital campus is the perfect way to build your global online community and reach the needs of people outside of the university. Start building your digital campus with Engagez today. From graduations to meetings with athletic sponsors, we’ve got it covered!

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