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Hybrid Events – Tips for Success

A hybrid event combines a physical event with elements of a digital event, usually running simultaneously and with overlapping content and sometimes, interactive elements, all broadcast over the Internet. There is debate about what a hybrid event is because experts say that just live streaming video content to a remote audience is just a one-way broadcast.

Without the other “event experiences” such as being able to network, meet and interact with those onsite, remote attendees will be less engaged and therefore the program will not deliver the full results that could be achieved. 

A study reported that if done correctly, an overwhelming majority of (survey) respondents see the growing importance of hybrid meetings and are planning to adopt this trend in near future.

  • Ninety-three percent said hybrid meetings helped them in exceeding their objectives.
  • Seventy percent believed hybrid meetings will be an important part of meetings in the future. (source MPI)

The critical area that Engagez needs to promote is that live streaming alone, although better than no live stream, leaves significant value on the table and for little additional cost.

Engagez needs to highlight the connection between remote and onsite attendee with an emphasis on networking (one-on-one meetings as well as structured networking activities), overall engagement of the remote audience, and especially, areas where monetization or sales pipeline acceleration can be proven. These are all areas highlighted and supported by a recent study by IDC.

Key for any success for a Hybrid events is to create your target audience early, drive awareness by issuing press release and sending notification in social media, also send an email campaign to drive attendance. Finally, follow-up with content to share to the audience. Also, getting feedback on events is always good to understand where you can improve.