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Kate Brett Goldman

Kate is the CEO and Founder of Cybermaniacs, bringing new ideas and innovative approaches to the critical area of cyber security awareness.

She spent 20 years in the IT trenches focused on solving complex technical problems, implementing compliance and regulatory programs, leading digital transformation initiatives, and empowering people for change. Previously with Gartner, Parsons Brinkerhoff, Eze Castle, and Omnicom, she also ran a successful boutique consultancy firm out of London, before founding Cybermaniacs.

She acts as an advisor to startups in the UK and US, with the Ladies of London Hacking Society, and speaks internationally on leadership, cyber security, and technology change topics.

10,000 Years of Human Evolution: The Digital Engagement Challenge

Thursday, September 22, 2022 1:25 PM EST

People are naturally wired to connect in–person. We thrive on the social-emotional energy that comes from sitting around a campfire, speaking to a group, or just hanging out together. Online, information needs to be presented in a materially different fashion-stimulating other parts of the brain to get engagement. To do this well: rethink the design process, big up creativity, and break down finite patterns of learning.

That said, simply presenting the same material in the same manner in a virtual event as one would at a physical one is NOT the ideal way to engage an audience, and as we have seen, rarely leads to the ideal user experience.

In this session, Kate Brett Goldman, CEO of The Cybermaniacs, will talk about the research they have done to entertain, engage and enlighten their audiences by first deeply understanding them, ascertaining how they cognitively intuit new ideas, and then carefully measuring results. She’ll talk about how to reinterpret content (marketing, training, etc.) to optimize it for digital consumption – understanding how learning styles differ, how people process information, and bringing it back to the best way to get a marketing message to a prospective client, or a teach a new concept to any employee.

All of this requires and makes use of an unprecedented amount of data. And with great data, comes great responsibility. Digital marketers must become stewards of their audience’s data, as increasing personalization brings with it a need to protect that information, be data literate, and understand digital ethics.