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Module 3: Locations

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Updated: December 2, 2020

Module 3: Locations

Welcome to Module 3: Locations, the third video in our Engagez Fundamentals series. Follow along with our virtual host, Katie, as we learn more about the Locations page.

1. Open your venue. Then under the Administer tab, click Locations.

2. Locations is where you can add new pages to your venue. These pages can be listed at the top in the menu bar or they can be a clickable link placed somewhere else in your venue. This is also where you can decide what goes into your Resource and Sessions pages as well as what your Entrance will look like. 

3. Any time that you would like to add another page, click Add New Location.

4. Let’s start by customizing the Entrance page. Anytime you want to use an Entrance that is not preloaded by Engagez, click the pencil icon. Then there will be a dropdown menu called Configuration Type. From there, you can select Specify a URL if you already have a URL created or you can choose to Select a static page. Static pages can be configured by going to the Administer tab and then to Static Pages.

5. Conference Center is the default page where your Sessions will be held. In this feature, you can make the entire agenda for your event public and accessible via search engines. This option is usually best if you will be having an open-door venue (this means that people will not have to put in a username and password to access the venue), and should not be used for invitation-only events.

6. There are a couple of options for your Sessions and your main Resource Center. “Roll up all hall item sessions” means any time an Exhibitor has their own session with their own brand, they will have that session in their Exhibitor Booth. However, if you want those sessions to be available in the main Sessions area and in the agenda, then you will want to click the option for Roll up all hall item sessions

Caution: The Roll up all hall item sessions is a venue-wide feature. If you don’t want certain sessions to appear in the agenda or in the Sessions hall, do not click this feature.

7.  The Roll up all hall item resources is similar to the Roll up all hall item sessions. This means that by clicking this function, any resources or branded material that Exhibitors include in their booths will be available to attendees in the Resources panel at the venue-level, not just at the booth-level. 

The option Roll up Session Resources into the Resources panels will take the resources included with your sessions and add them to the Resource panel at the venue level. You can further limit resources in the Resource area by choosing “Limit roll up to informational, on-demand, and past sessions.” This will only show resources attached to sessions that have already occurred, are informational or are on-demand at the venue level.

Note: If you choose to limit roll up to informational, on-demand, and past sessions, this will not include resources that are attached to live sessions. If they are available on-demand after the session, the resources will pull into the venue-level Resources Panel at that time.

Still have questions? Visit the Engagez Support venue or email us at If you’ve purchased an implementation package, please contact your implementation representative through Skype or email.

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