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Comprehensive Features For All Your
Metaverse Event Venue Needs

All the options and customizable 3d immersive features needed for the highest digital event performance. If you don’t see a requirement reach out to us, we can most likely accommodate it.

  • Background graphics
  • Content sessions
  • Add or upload sessions
  • Add or upload speakers
  • Search by… (speaker/track)
  • Tracks
  • Default Settings
  • Access Groups
  • Rooms (if hybrid)
  • Live stream
  • Third party (Zoom, GoToWebinar, Adobe, Webex, Other)
  • Simulive (simulated live–prerecorded)
  • On-demand
  • Transition to on-demand
  • Recording
  • Uploading
  • Custom thumbnail
  • HTML description
  • Session panel labels
  • Moderator(s)
  • Speaker and moderator training
  • Tags
  • Resources
  • Q&A
  • Aggregate Q&A
  • Chats
  • Polling
  • Survey (evaluations)
  • Link to booth
  • Staff visibility only
  • Default Settings
  • Access Groups
  • Invitation Only
  • RSVP
  • Briefcase-Favorite
  • Session chats
  • Chats (not recommended)
  • Private chat
  • Chat notifications
  • Session resource  rollup
  • 1 on 1 meeting set up
  • Background graphics
  • Master resource location
  • Categories
  • Briefcase-Favorite
  • Tags
  • Roll ups

One Solution, Many Uses

Allow your team to run all of their programs using one system. With an optimized user interface, stream your event on mobile, tablet, or desktop. One platform, endless possibilities to create the event you want.

Customizable Locations

Create your venue and configure it with desired locations such as a Lobby, Social Lounge, and Exhibit Hall. With the option to add embeddable panels, each location features rich functionality.

Comprehensive Analytics

Monitor big-picture and detailed use across the venue. Integrate analytics with your CRM for ease and functionality. Or set up Google Analytics to collect the data for you. Analytics you need in one space.

Engaging Collaboration

Engage attendees by hosting a meeting within the venue. Video calls designed to make presenting and collaborating on an idea easy and simple. Options for one-on-one calls and group meetings to connect users.

Secure Technology

Host your event with enterprise-level security that is automatically in place and updated constantly. Or facilitate greater access by adjusting security levels.

Social Media Interaction

Expand your audience reach with social media integration on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. You decide how much and what type of engagement to turn on.

Access Control

Assign access groups to create a tiered system for users. Allow certain attendees to view VIP content and sessions for a premium experience.

Highly Configurable Venues

Brand your venue with our simple UI Design tool. Configure panels and locations in over 100 ways to design an event that meets your program’s unique needs.