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Michael Doyle

Michael Doyle is the VP of Business Development, Customer Success, and Marketing at Engagez. 

Through Engagez and prior at his own consultancy, Michael has focused on helping clients develop successful marketing, event, digital and partnering strategies. He is the Founder of Virtual Edge Institute (now PCMA’s Digital Engagement Institute), an industry organization dedicated to advancing the development and adoption of digital solutions for events, meetings, and learning programs. He launched the Virtual Edge Summit and created the Digital Event Strategist education and certification program and was a frequent consultant to companies wanting to map digital experiences to their portfolio of physical and online events. 

Michael is a 25-year veteran of trade shows, magazines, and online publishing with extensive marketing, content, and business development experience. Doyle has served as Executive Director of the Virtual Edge Institute, Vice President of Business Development at TradeComet and  365Media, Group Publisher at Reed Business Information and Interex’s HP’s enterprise customer organization, and General Manager at Online Market World.

He is a frequent blogger on topics related to the use of virtual technologies for business in events and meetings. Doyle has also authored several research and market analysis reports on the topics of online and in-person audience engagement, event ROI, event technology, and monetization of content and event programs.

Monetizing Online Events: Why Has it Been So Hard?

Thursday, September 22, 2022, 12:20 PM EST 

While many of us enjoy the interaction, community, and networking offered by any business conference, trade show, or other events – we’re not usually philanthropic intentionally. Even gatherings organized by non-profits serve to drive funding, either via paid sponsorships, registration fees, or other means.  There are obvious challenges when it comes to virtual events; but at the same time, savvy conference organizers have driven income and will continue to do so.  

In this session, panelists will discuss their real experiences and thought processes on event pricing and discounting the pros and cons of pairing hybrid events, tactics, techniques that drove returns for sponsors and participants, and much more.