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Michael Hiskey

Event Host

Michael Hiskey is an author, blogger and speaker who has been in enterprise business-to-business (B2B) technology for over 20 years. His articles have been in Forbes, Information Week, ITProPortal, and he has made appearances on CNBC. Michael has lived and worked on three continents, traveled the world to find what he loves to do, and found it as the moderator for today’s event (and the Chief Strategy Officer at Engagez).

Michael has primarily worked for software and services solutions providers, who solve for the challenges in the realms of cybersecurity, FinTech, data, analytics, cloud computing and AI. Prior to joining Data Connectors, he held Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) roles at Avanan, Semarchy, Socure, Kognitio, Trifacta (interim), and executive leadership roles at MicroStrategy and IBM.

Mr. Hiskey primarily led competitive analysis, market studies, demand generation, event strategy, field marketing, program management and detailed budget and strategy planning for those organizations and is delighted to have become a “full stack” marketing executive from those experiences.

After starting his career in finance, Michael spent almost 10 years at IBM. Some notable efforts there included leading Subject Matter Expert (SME) Teams for Analytics, Data Warehouse Product Development, and Advanced Customer Support. Michael returned to the US in 2010 after a successful assignment in Brasil, where he helped grow the Software Lab and connected sales, partners and clients supporting Cognos, DB2 & Informix products.

Michael is a graduate of the Columbia Business School in New York City. He is the husband of one current, and GirlDad to two future women in technology. You can find more about Michael at

Creating Digital Event Experiences

Thursday, September 22, 2022 

Welcome to the Digital Engagement Summit! Long before the pandemic thrust virtual events to the forefront, savvy marketers found great return on their investment in online gatherings. The new hybrid work reality, informed by the heavy use of the all-digital conference format during that time, requires digital marketing executives to think about new ways of engaging with their audiences and avoiding burnout–and boredom!

The tired old “webinar” format won’t suffice; however, online gatherings have become a permanent part of the way in which organizations engage their audiences. The Digital Engagement Summit will bring together experts from multiple disciplines, who will share their experiences and best practices for bringing people together online for community, networking, and business development.

In this welcome session, we’ll set the agenda for the day. The Summit will be a discussion between some of the brightest minds in B2B Marketing – both those on stage and in the audience; debating what the “next generation” of online content will look like, and how it will engage audiences better than ever before.