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Monetization and ROI: How to Use Exhibitor Data to Maximize Value

Madelyn Worley
Madalyn Worley
, Content Manager, Engagez

When I was planning my first ever virtual event, which was expected to have between 800-1000 attendees I found the biggest hurdle I faced from potential sponsors or exhibitors was the fear of not being worth their time or money because they had not had much luck in previous virtual events. This is what made Engagez the perfect fit for my event as I was able to offer a wide variety of features to exhibitors that made them feel that this was the virtual event of the year. The game changer and focus of this article was being able to provide real time exhibitor analytics. In future articles we will dive into some additional tricks and tips to help you maximize your exhibitor experiences and improving ROI.



Although I am seeing so many creative outlets used to capture attendee data at in person events, nothing can beat the virtual event component of being able to run a report and collect data that you didn’t even know you needed. Analytics and data are crucial for any successful event or engagement, especially with partners, vendors, or sponsors involved. Understanding the exact value you bring to your engagement stakeholders can be difficult in-person, but hybrid and virtual environments can give you clear insights for data-driven decisions.

Aside from you, your sponsors may find their own analytics to be a bonus when considering being in your hybrid or virtual line-up as this is a great way to identify potential customers, sales, or future relationships, which makes a successful partnership for everyone.  


Setting Up Your Exhibitor Analytics

 In-person events and engagements may require you to select an approach to count your attendees. With tickets and one-to-one attendee relationships, you can estimate total overall attendance fairly well without specific behaviors. Without tickets or different ticket relationships, you might use crowd counting estimates or other methods with questionable accuracy.

As a hybrid and virtual engagement platform, Engagez offers immediate, accurate analytics for event organizers and individual exhibitors with your decision to offer analytics right from your event to exhibitors or to you first.  You can be confident about the attendee counts without any additional steps using Engagez. 

Look at the analytics dashboard or download the data for yourself via CSV file for further data applications. 

Understanding Your Exhibitor Analytics

 If you do not staff people to count attendees at exhibits, your exhibitors may be left to count their own attendees. With this approach, there is no guarantee that your exhibitors will understand the value of your engagement to their operations.

Using the Engagez analytics dashboard, see easy big-picture attendance over your event’s time. No extra staff or counting methods are needed.

Understand exhibitor-attendee interactions from a glance, including chats, saves, resource views, private messages, and profile updates. New interactions provide new data categories.

Look at each attendee’s engagement length when visiting a booth or exhibit. Discover each attendee’s interactions compared with their visiting time.

Finalizing Your Exhibitor Analytics

Once your event or engagement is over, the Engagez analytics allows you to put together a great wrap up conversation with your exhibitors. You can send exhibitors information about their attendee interactions and visits as well as solicit feedback from them and continue the conversation and relationship. You also have the ability to allow your exhibitors to gain immediate access to their data and run reports themselves. Although it may require a bit more work on your side, I encourage you to provide the data after the event as it shows that you value them and their support and you took the time to compile the numbers for them. 

 Whichever method you choose of providing analytics, you can engage in rich after-event discussions with accurate data to maximize value in future engagements.


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