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My First Virtual Wedding of Coronavirus 2020 All Happened So Fast I Didn’t Even Get a Chance to Set Up a Proper Event

Today, my stepdaughter and her fiancé decided it was time because they don’t know when they’ll be able to hold a wedding ceremony with friends and family actually in one location at the same time (and the fear that even drive up wedding chapels will be closed soon), there wasn’t a better time to tie the knot!

So, we had they did a live stream of the ceremony to anyone that could get in front of a screen large or small.  Just because I have been touting virtual events for the last 20 plus years, it was not my idea and I was left out of the planning. They wanted a simple live stream and not the virtual event extravaganza I would have liked to host. It worked out just fine and the lessons I learned is boy, you can plan and produce a virtual event pretty quick and inexpensively, and content is still king.

Everyone who attended online was oohing and ahhing and some were crying. There were pictures taken but no toasts, first dances, or banquet food. It seems there was a bit of a rush to get in, do the ceremony and get moving as other couples were thinking the same thing waiting in line to do the deed.

I predict that live streaming weddings will become a thing even after the current crisis passes just as virtual events will be a core addition to events and meetings of the future.

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