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March 2022


Quickly launch your virtual event venue with our new freemium service!

Quickly launch your virtual event venue with our new freemium service!

Looking for a fast way to get your event or webinar series up and running quickly? Try our free done-for-you service. We include an Entrance Landing Page, Lobby, Sessions, Exhibit Hall, Social Lounge, Ask the Experts, and Resource Center.

Your new venue will be launch-ready. All you need to do is review and configure features, easily update branding, and add colleagues to further assist you if needed. You can use the venue free as long as the number of attendees shown on the administration page does not exceed 20.


Add additional space in Open Layout mode

Turn on scalable to allow panels to be placed in a larger space than the 1200×630 pixel rectangle, and the platform automatically scales the content and the background image to maintain the relative positioning of all panels.


Hybrid Event Survival Guide Series – Shizzle That’s Expensive…or Maybe Not? Does Forrester Have the Secret?

Deciding on whether a hybrid event is the right fit for you often comes down to the question of ‘Can we afford this?’, but it does not have to break your budget! Our latest blog post has tips to help you navigate budgeting for a hybrid event.

Environmental Impact: Planning a Carbon Neutral Event

The decision to move towards holding a carbon-neutral event will first require asking yourself and your team questions about your goals, along with assessing your current position. Our team has put together an overview of what all is involved when you address these questions.



Back in January, Valdé Beauty hosted a product launch party. It featured a live DJ, product displays, and industry influencers. The venue, though, was anything but ordinary.

With over 65% of event planners calling for a drive to learn how to design better digital events, it is clear the evolution of event technology is only just beginning.

TransUnion report identifies key behavioral changes and new opportunities as millions of Americans go online for critical government services and benefits.