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Onsite Internet Requirements for Hybrid Events

Below are requirements per broadcast location:

Tech Table & Power

One, 4-to-6-foot table and 2 chairs will be needed for each streaming location situated with access to the AV soundboard (via cable). At least 2 reliable (no overload circuit break possibility) 120-volt outlets should be with 10+/- feet of the table ideally.


The streaming provider will require a minimum 5 Mbps connection with QOS (Quality of Service) dedicated (5Mbps) upload and (5Mbps) download connection to the internet.

It is acceptable if the connection is faster than the required 5 Mbps however it may not go below 5 Mbps at any time during the broadcast or contract period. The two connections that the streaming provider requires may share the same 5 Mbps dedicated bandwidth.

With this option, the following bitrates will be available to the end-user:

  • High Definition – 2064Kbps
  • High Quality – 1264Kbps Medium Quality – 864Kbps Low Quality – 364kbps 

Both bandwidth options need to adhere to the following

  • Adhere to the Firewall and Proxy requirements as outlined below.
  • Terminate in 3 publicly visible external IP addresses.
  • Dedicated bandwidth which is separated from the rest of the facility.

Firewalls and Proxies

The internet which is being provided will be used for streaming video from the venue to remote streaming servers.  Any loss of packets from the streaming provider’s Encoder to the Streaming Server can result in a disconnection of the live stream. As such it should bypass any firewalls or proxy servers that may result in the following

  • Decreased Bandwidth
  • Increases Packet Loss
  • Possibility of blocking traffic going to the streaming provider streaming servers due to firewall or proxy rules…No governing of traffic allowed for any reason!

Static IP

The streaming provider will require two static IP addresses per streaming location.

  • The first Static IP will be used for the encoding PC
  • The other Static IPs will be used for monitoring the stream

External Public IP

For ideal streaming conditions, the streaming provider will require at least one of the static IPs to be publicly visible from the Internet.

If only one of the two provided connections is a publicly visible static IP address with dedicated QOS bandwidth, then that connection must be clearly marked so that the onsite technician can make sure the appropriate connection is used.