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Create interactive engagements designed with your unique client audiences in mind!


Entice your customers with the prospect of utilizing a digital campus with Engagez. Our digital campuses are reusable locations that clients can build out to meet a variety of needs. With the digital campus, clients can host and schedule weekly sales meetings, collaborate with each other through one-on-one meetings, post documents for the whole team to review, and engage in discussions by using the discussion board.


Our venues are always-on destinations, meaning that if your client has a global team, their users can access it whenever they want. Post recorded sessions as on-demand content for people to view on their own time and allow them to schedule meetings via the platform. With always-on destinations, clients can go back to a venue to review material, engage in a discussion with a partner, or participate in meetings long after the event duration has ended.


Use our Trade Shows and Exhibit Hall features to drive sales and generate leads for your sponsors. Each booth can be fully customized to fit the needs of your sponsor with the ability to post a welcome video, handouts and PDF documents, and a chat box where users can interact directly with Sales members. You can also allow attendees to book demos with staff members and submit inquiries, all while driving leads and prospects directly to your clients.


Our latest feature at Engagez is being able to scale events to fit the needs and size of any client. Whether it’s a venue for 5 people or 5,000, Engagez can provide the platform to meet any audience size.


All of our venues are flexible and highly customizable so that each one you create can be unique to your client. With a range of preloaded backgrounds, you can build the event from the ground up, evening customizing the font and color scheme. Also, upload your client’s logo for a fully brandable experience.