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Simple, Comprehensive and Priced to Ensure High Return on Investment

Run Any Type of Event or Build a Robust Digital Campus

Free Trial

Try and test all the features and functionality of the platform

(not intended for a live event)

Unlimited access for up to 10 admins or testers

Self-service only
(consultation available)

Unlimited number of customizable Locations

Configurable registration forms (not open to public)

Configurable emails (registration confirmation, reminders, etc.) for testing

Access to the Engagez Enterprise Knowledge Base "Support Venue"

Event Experience

All the features and functionality needed for a physical, virtual or hybrid event, meeting or learning/training program

everything listed in the previous column, plus:

No administrator or attendee limit

Access to templates and full graphic customization

Self- or full-service*
(*additional investment)

Fully configurable registration, landing & detail pages

Detailed analytics and engagement dashboards

Full meeting and social networking functionality

Robust exhibitor/sponsor experience

Investment cost varries based on the number of attendees (not registrants)


Build a persistent environment for employee engagement, partner management, eLearning, virtual office space, and more!

everything listed in the previous columns, plus:

Unlimited venues/locations

Temporal or persistent support for up to 100,000 online participants

Native livestream, recording and playback capabilities

Unlimited document and video resource storage

Integrations with CRM, CDP, and other platforms via API

Robust enterprise security, SSO and authentication

Frequently Asked Pricing Questions

What you need to get started..

Our solution is designed to address the needs of small to large event-based programs to full on perpetual digital campuses. Contact us to discuss your needs and we’ll provide you a custom quote within minutes.
Yes. The discount amount will depend on the length of your upfront commitment: event-based or annual. Contact us for your custom quote.
Account activation is usually a matter of minutes but when demand is high, may take a few hours to process, You’ll be notified by email and can log in as an administrator right away.
You can sign up and setup your venue at no cost and experiment with various options at your convenience. You will need to complete an order form prior to opening your venue or your registration (if using our registration system). You can contact us to provide a credit card or to set up wire transfer or send us a check.
We offer a full range of online event services, including: venue setup and implementation, training for your internal team, project management, tier-1 support for your event attendees, camera crew, broadcasting services, on-demand recording, and more. Contact us for a custom quote.

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