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Robin Raskin

Robin Raskin is the Founder of The Virtual Events Group, a community that explores how we will meet in a tech-first future. A long-time journalist, author, publisher, event producer, and industry advocate, Raskin was one of the early editors of PC Magazine, and one of the first women in technology publishing. She founded FamilyPC, and created Yahoo!Tech. In 2008 Raskin founded Living in Digital Times (LIDT), which was acquired by the Consumer Technology Association. She writes a weekly column about the intersection of technology and the economy for Techonomy. Raskin plays an active role in high-tech policy issues. She won a lifetime achievement award from the CTA in 2020.

Monetizing Online Events: Why Has it Been So Hard?

Thursday, September 22, 2022 12:20 PM EST

While many of us enjoy the interaction, community, and networking offered by any business conference, trade show, or other events – we’re not usually philanthropic intentionally. Even gatherings organized by non-profits serve to drive funding, either via paid sponsorships, registration fees, or other means.  There are obvious challenges when it comes to virtual events; but at the same time, savvy conference organizers have driven income and will continue to do so.  

In this session, panelists will discuss their real experiences and thought processes on event pricing and discounting the pros and cons of pairing hybrid events, tactics, techniques that drove returns for sponsors and participants, and much more.