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6 Tips for Virtual Attendee Etiquette

Now that virtual events and webinars have become part of the norm, we should take a look at some etiquette for attendees to practice when they take part in a virtual event or webinar.

To Attend or Not to Attend… That is the Question

I love events! As a social worker, I have attended and organized many events. What I don’t love… events that are BORING and a waste of my time and I have attended my fair share of those. Obviously just because it is boring to me, does not mean it would be boring to others but […]

Make the Most Out of your Email Marketing

With an effective strategy, your email campaigns will see higher open rates, increased click rates, and a boost in your conversion rates. And, with a few tips and tricks, you can encourage your subscribers to spread the word about your event.

Simulive: Bringing Recorded Presentations to ‘Live’

A simulated live webinar, “simu-live”, is a scheduled webinar that streams a pre-recorded presentation while allowing organizers to engage with the audience in real-time using interactive tools. In case you have not looked into simulive before, there are key advantages that are worth your consideration.