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Tara-Anne Yates

Tara-Anne Yates is a seasoned marketing professional with over 25 Years of experience. She has been the Co-Owner of the marketing Hub for the past 12 years. She is responsible for managing all areas of business as well as driving multiple marketing strategies and activities for her clients as a trusted Marketing Consultant. 

In March 2020 South Africa faced the implications of the Global Covid19 Pandemic – Due to the flexible nature of the business, Tara and the team were able to swiftly restructure to focus predominantly on their Digital Marketing Competency. 

With Tara’s Guidance, The Marketing Hub swiftly aligned with global experts to deliver global virtual event experiences for clients. This has proven to be a highly viable alternative solution to traditional physical events and conferences. As marketing life is returning to normal tara notes that whilst clients are gravitating back towards physical events they are not willing to give up what they have now adopted in terms of virtual engagements. 

The Marketing Hub through their experience has been able to reach audiences globally beyond the borders of South Africa and deliver on a global scale!

The Webinar is Dead, Long Live the Webinar

Thursday, September 22, 2022 1:50 PM EST

Webinars are boring. More than half of registrants don’t show up. And I hate to break it to your CRO – but just because someone registered for one, it does NOT mean they’re ready to get a call about setting up a demo from your SDR.  That said, short-format digital engagement has to be part of your marketing strategy.  

In this panel, our experts will talk about the successes they have had, best practices, new thinking, and a few surprises that will spur new thinking and delight starved Demand Gen teams!