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The Benefits of Webinars for Lead Generation

Michael Doyle Photo
Michael Doyle
, VP of Customer Service, Engagez

If you’re looking for a new way to generate leads, you should consider hosting a webinar, better yet, a webinar series! Webinars are online seminars that allow you to speak directly to your target audience and present your company as a thought leader in your industry. Here are some of the benefits of using webinars for lead generation.

Webinars are Informative

Webinars offer attendees the chance to learn something new and do it in a concise timeframe. If you structure your webinar correctly, you can position your company as a thought leader in your industry and build trust with your audience. Trust is essential when it comes to generating leads—if prospects don’t trust you, they’re not going to do business with you.

Webinars are Engaging

Webinars can be highly engaging when done right and using the right webinar platform. You can make your webinar interactive by incorporating interactive polls, Q&As via text or live video, gamification, and other activities. By focusing on engagement first, your audience will be more likely to stay tuned throughout the entire event and be more open to your call to action. And the longer someone stays engaged with your content, the greater the chance they’ll do business with you now and down the road.

Webinars are Cost-Effective

Compared to other lead generation strategies, webinars are relatively inexpensive to produce. All you need is a decent internet connection and a webcam (or access to one), and a good webinar platform and you’re good to go! Plus, once you’ve recorded your webinar, you can rebroadcast the event over and over as well as repurpose the content and use it in other marketing channels like email or social media. That means more bang for your buck and higher ROI!


Are you looking for a way to generate more leads and convert more? If so, consider hosting a webinar series! Webinars offer many benefits for lead generation, including being informative, engaging, and cost-effective. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next webinar with Engagez today!

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