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Poster presentations come to us from the scientific and medical communities, where they are used to present the latest research results – but, more and more frequently, they are also used by businesses and organizations to easily and efficiently communicate information. And, of course, they are often presented virtually.

What is a Poster Session?

In the physical world, a poster session is a presentation of research information printed on paper, that conference/meeting participants can view. The posters will usually be hung in a defined location at a physical event, during set hours, when the presenter is expected to be there in person to answer questions and discuss the work.

A standard poster will include:

  • a title;
  • the name of the presenter and all other researchers and contributors;
  • contact information;
  • an abstract that is concise but conveys the essence of the work and the key points;
  • the date or period of time that the research was conducted – this emphasizes the works’ timeliness;
  • the results or findings; and
  • any conclusions that were drawn from the research.

What Is An E-Poster Session?

A well-designed e-poster (or virtual poster session)  is not merely a poster that has not yet been printed on paper. The ability to incorporate audio, video, enlarged graphics, face-to-face or text based Q&A sessions, and hyperlinks all work to create a dynamic e-poster. It’s important to take advantage of these opportunities when they are appropriate for your presentation.

Presenting updated information in a virtual poster session has a number of advantages. E-posters allow you the chance to reach a broader global audience, breaking down the barriers of geography, budgets, and time constraints. They are more efficiently produced at lesser cost as they have no printing costs, and the author can conveniently update the poster, even during the event itself. Producing the e-poster has become easier, as Engagez provides templates and whole venues to ensure that all information is provided and the format is cohesive throughout the event.

While a poster in a real-life event would only have been available to viewers for an evening or afternoon, the extended access provided by a virtual poster platform allows viewers to return to the presentation for a second look, while also giving the presenter a greater window of opportunity to get scouted, acquire funding, and receive recognition for their work.

Conference organizers have a number of ways to hold their poster sessions. In its simplest form, the presenter submits a digital poster, along with a pre-recorded presentation – which usually has a time limit of 3-5 minutes. The Engagez platform provides a combination of formats, including live streams, pre-recorded presentations, Q&A sessions, chat rooms, downloadable resources and more to provide both an interactive session and long-term exposure of the poster and the presenter.

Receiving feedback from viewers is a valuable resource for the poster presenter. During a physical poster session, the presenter will chat with viewers a great deal, often making it difficult to remember what they have said. But, by participating in an online poster session, attendees can leave feedback via a comments section, chat, send a direct message, or join a live video discussion as a one-on-one or group video call. A Q&A section will allow your viewers to ask questions and set up future meetings right in the Engagez event venue.

Reduce Your Events Carbon Footprint!

Virtual poster sessions can help reduce your carbon footprint, too! The great savings on paper and ink usage, along with the reduction in physical travel and accommodation, makes virtual poster presentation an ecological win.

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