Virtual Conference Solution

The internet has made the world a lot smaller and has simplified access to entertainment, information, products, and each other. Now, the digital revolution is providing event planners and marketers a new solution for informing and engaging their audiences: virtual conferences.

Think bigger than a common webinar. Our virtual conference software gives you the power to produce engaging live broadcasts, product launches, high-tech webinars, and more. Engagez virtual event platform provides a live experience akin to a physical conference with fewer logistical nightmares and overhead expenses.

Not only will you be able to engage with your attendees in exciting new ways using our virtual event platform, but we also offer analytics tools that allow you to measure the success of your events in real time.

Lower Overhead Costs

Renting a venue isn’t the only cost you need to worry about with a physical conference: support staff,  housing, and travel fees for speakers. It’s amazing how quickly the price begins to add up. Our virtual event solution allows you to avoid any number of those costs, giving you much more freedom with your budget.

More Flexibility

One of the biggest headaches of hosting a conference is the room assignment: trying to anticipate which talks or panels will be the most popular and placing them in the largest rooms. With virtual conference software, none of that is a concern. Engagez offers a variety of venue locations, including exhibit halls, collaboration rooms, even simulated lobby’s for your guests to get acclimated.

Better Analytics

Engagez advanced logistics allow you to track exactly how engaged your attendees were, and in what order they interacted with your media. That allows you to better understand what an attendee might be looking for and exactly how interested they are in what you have to offer.

Easy Monetization

One of the chief benefits of a digital conference is the ease with which it can be monetized. Both paid access and content are available, as is sponsored webinars and sponsorship packages, helping you to keep your conference both educational and profitable.

Networking Opportunities

One of the most important parts of a conference isn’t the material you provide, but rather the opportunity for networking. With Engagez, you will be able to set up a networking lounge to facilitate your attendees networking needs.

Engagez: the virtual event software for your next conference

There are any number of advantages to hosting your conference using an online event platform. With Engagez, you will receive the very best tools to make your conference the most effective, educational, and profitable one yet.

Engagez has been a valued partner in helping enable MCA to create new platforms for dialogue between our clients and key influencers in the semiconductor and related markets. With their help, our BrightSpots online technology forums have far exceeded our expectations.

David Moreno, Vice PresidentMCA Public Relations

The Denodo Fast Data Strategies Summit and product launch event for Denodo 6.0 were done virtually on the Engagez platform and we experienced excellent results. The process and functionality were clear and the build-out of the environment was very straightforward and logical.

Lisa Snyders, Marketing ManagerDenodo

Engagez has a really strong business model great for people who are running a lot of programs or frankly, just one. We plan to do a lot more business with them.

Tom Donoghue, CEO & PublisherEnterprise Integration News

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