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Virtual Trade Show Solution

Produce engaging live broadcasts, product launches, high-tech webinars, and more. Our virtual event platform provides a live experience akin to a physical conference with fewer logistical challenges and overhead expenses.

At Engagez, our virtual trade show solution provides an innovative approach to these important events. By using a virtual trade show platform with advanced capabilities, you are able to expand your reach, providing you with more flexibility, community engagement, sponsorship opportunities, and better lead tracking.

The Benefits of Virtual Trade Shows

Flexible Layout

Nothing frustrates trade show attendees more than a poorly designed layout. While compromise is a necessary evil when working in a physical space, a virtual trade show platform allows you to create different spaces for each of your types of products. That way, your attendees can easily navigate your virtual space.

Reach a Broader Audience

While trade shows are a great resource for many, a significant portion of your customers might not be able to travel to the location of your trade show. Using a virtual trade show software will allow you to expand your attendance to include those who might not physically be able to attend.

Better Analytics

With Engagez, you will be able to track how your attendees are spending their time. That allows you to track any number of metrics. You can, for instance, judge the popularity of specific items or track how popular a specific brand or resource is. Use this data to measure ROI and to improve your content for the next conference.

Face-to-Face Meetings

Exhibitors and sponsors have many options to meet their online prospects with full, two-way video and audio turned on for a true face-to-face experience. With Engagez, exhibitors can choose to meet one-on-one with attendees and share screens for demonstrations or presentations in real time. Exhibitors can also set up video meeting rooms where times can be scheduled and larger groups could attend face-to-face for presentations and meetings with subject matter experts.

Better Demonstrations

Physical trade shows make it difficult to accurately demonstrate the full capacity of your products. With a virtual trade show platform, you are able to include videos with real life demonstrations. This flexible, interactive format lets you produce the most high-quality content for your virtual event.

Available Across All Platforms

Engagez allows your consumers to engage with your trade show in the manner that is most convenient to them. That means that they will have more opportunities to interact with the products and brands on display. With Engagez advanced virtual trade show software, you can engage with your customers wherever they are.

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