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Evolve from webinar tool to engagement platform

We understand that the heart of a successful webinar lies in its ability to captivate and engage its audience. That’s why our platform is meticulously designed to transform every webinar into an interactive, dynamic experience. With Engagez Webinars, you’re not just hosting a webinar; you’re creating a vibrant, participatory event.

Showcase Your Brand Without Limits

Create immersive brand experiences to excite attendees on your custom white-labeled webinar platform and showcase your innovation. Edit layout options, icons, logo spots, and use your own domain to own the experience.

Use 12+ engagement features to captivate audiences
and generate first-party data

Ensure engagement around your painstakingly developed content and audience with the most comprehensive engagement tools on the market going way beyond, text and video Q&A, live polling, personalization, chats, breakouts, etc. with our highly-interactive ASK AI concierge feature! 

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Generate and analyze your attendee's digital footsteps
across all your webinar programs and duplicate success
with one click

Track and analyze audience engagement with our sophisticated analytics tools. Understand what resonates with your attendees, allowing you to continually refine and improve their experience and your results across all of your webinar programs by copying webinar venues and simply updating content. 

Engagez webinar solution features



  • Landing page, home, and session page
  • Registration & emails
  • Live or simulive
  • Production studio & Green Room
  • Breakout Rooms: Random, pre-assigned and open
  • Integration with CRM and MAS
  • Stand-alone webinar or webinar series
  • Calendar view of upcoming and on demand webinars
  • Thousands of viewers, 25 presenters
  • Rich in interactivity features
  • Restream to LinkedIn Live and others
  • Immediate on demand availability
  • Move attendees on stage for live Q&A
  • Deep analytics: real-time and reports
  • Share video and presentations from cloud or desktop


AI Experience Enrichment

  • Chat with reactions
  • Public and private Q&A
  • Dynamic Polls
  • Surveys and evaluations
  • 3rd Party widget integration
  • Online staff attendance with Book Meeting and interaction options
  • AI Assistant pre-loaded with rich webinar related knowledge base to answer questions
  • More than one concurrent program at a time to ensure maximum engagement
  • Simulive webinars with speaker answering questions online throughout
  • Offer demos and focused discussions in breakout rooms following webinar